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March Classic Commission | The Blame Game

Happy March, y'all! this. I'm asking the princely sum of $1 per month to support the Ghost (so this story will be behind the most reasonable of paywalls). I hope you can join the team and support this endeavor 😊

I wrote this in 2012 for Vincent, who commissioned a series of tales featuring Parkdale's most sadistic teen agent, Jackie.

This story is cruel but it has a lot of interesting pieces.

From the idea of agents getting vacations (I mean, why not?) to the macguffin of the KiddyTime Powder going a different way altogether. There's also some quality time with Miss Brown, and just the most British references possible, from blackcurrant drinks and fish fingers to snakes and ladders.

I can imagine, have always imagined, that Parkdale's agents had their share of politics and falling out. Talk about a toxic work environment.

So, here is The Blame Game. I can't promise a happy ending but there's lots of twists. Much like a game of snakes and ladders...